Foundation 5 Workflow with SCSS

I like the Foundation front-end web framework, but the documentation is spotty, especially for customizing the appearance with SCSS. Here’s my workflow for Foundation projects.

Make sure you’ve installed Git, Ruby 1.9+, and NodeJS.

Next, install Bower and Grunt, and then install the Foundation command line tool:

$ npm install -g bower grunt-cli
$ gem install foundation

Start a Foundation project with Grunt and Libsass:

$ foundation new projectname --libsass

Edit the SCSS files:

$ cd projectname/
$ vim scss/_settings.scss

Then, compile the SCSS with Grunt (while still in the projectname directory):

$ grunt sass

This will update the CSS file in css/app.css.

If you need to update the base Foundation files, run:

$ foundation update

Concept: Court Diffs

From the wish-I-had-time-to-build-it department:

Court Listener collects as many court opinions as it can find and makes them available on its website. It also publishes the opinion data in a bulk download, and, soon, via an API.

One interesting part of the system is that it sometimes grabs several versions of the same opinion. For instance, search results show show two versions of United States v. Jones. Running a diff shows that the only change is the deletion of a stray comma—maybe not earth-shattering, but it’s interesting that the Supreme Court silently corrected its mistake. I don’t know how many duplicates exist in the Court Listener corpus of 350,000 cases, but there may be many, and some of them might be exciting.

So, I want to:

  • Detect duplicate cases, maybe by finding cases with the same name published within a month of each other.
  • Run diffs on all of them.
  • See if anything interesting pops out.

I’ll probably do this in the next month or so.